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Quiet Pride was created to help individual Citizens feeling stuck in a “rut” create an ACTION plan to get unstuck.

Our Principle-centered, Action-driven content will guide you on the proven path to creating results in a life that is WORTH the Work!

Fill in the form to the left and include an expertise, a passion of yours, and interests.  We offer a 100% Free – No obligation consultation on getting started and creating your version of a life that is Worth the Work.  

IMPORTANT:   Our purpose is to connect with you (even in person if you are local – MN) to determine how we can best help you start creating lasting results.  There is no hidden upsell.

Phone:  612-327-3441

Email: quietpride18@quietpride.com

“The perfect plan and perfect time do not exist.  The separation between those that have a “story”, and those that aspire to one, is only bridged by STARTING.” – QP