“BE THERE” – Shape your Life ~ Leave your Legacy.

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I fear that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

– Albert Einstein

You can do nothing more powerful for your life, your children’s future, your career, or personal Fulfillment than following this simple Principle:  Be There.
We are all an example.   An often underestimated one at that.
Being the perfect example is not real.  We have all said things we regret, and done things we should not have.

My introduction to the power of “Be There” came during college…

As an athlete at a little D-3 school, games were often in the late afternoon during the week.  For those who wanted to attend it was difficult getting to games that time of day.

My parents owned a small business.  If they were not in the office to do the work (before cell phones), no one was.

They decided to show up anyway.

Little was said, or necessary, after most games.  They headed straight back to finish whatever work they missed.

They chose to Be There.  

It created a bond for me with my step-dad that no amount of “things” he provided could equal.

Fast-forward 15 years later and I went from believing in the power of “Be There”, to Knowing it has no equal.

The very personal example that changed my life story…

The power of “Be There” was demonstrated as a result the most challenging event of my life:

On June 22, 2007, my fiance lost the battle with cancer.  She was 34.

I was 37, and we were two months from our wedding date.

She had fought.  To the point of remission in 2006 from the diagnosis two years earlier.

As things began to deteriorate in late 2006, a highly intrusive procedure was performed to determine the best treatment schedule. Instead, we learned cancer had spread throughout many of her organs and tracts.  After 10 hours waiting, that type of information is not what we were prepared to hear.

Her family and I then elected for home care and daily nurse visits as she was done with hospitals.

All I could figure to do was stay positive, remain strong in her presence, and disregard the imminent outcome.  Right or wrong, it was all I could do.

Soon, her family moved in to be with her, and they could see I needed help.  We did everything we could to make sure she was comfortable and pain-free.

When I awoke on June 22nd, she did not.

The following days, I recall little.

I’d heard others say who had experienced traumatic events; it was as if I was not living my own reality, waiting to wake up from a “this is not happening” fog I was deeply consumed by.

On the day of the funeral, the power of “Be There” was confirmed…

As I waited to get seated, lost in every sense of the word, all I remember from the day are faces of those that showed up.

Many I knew, some I did not. I played hockey with some.  I was neighbors with some.  A few were college friends I hadn’t seen in years and others I knew casually.

They all showed up.  They made a choice to Be There.

No one knew the right words because they didn’t exist.  Few words were exchanged with me by any of those that showed up that day.

I would take a bullet for any of them.  I will never forget those faces.

In life, reasons you “couldn’t” are often believable.  Kind words are appreciated, and donations a gracious gesture in helping those around you.

Or, you can decide to just BE THERE.

“Be There”

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