Do you remember John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted?  His life was turned upside down when his son was abducted from a Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall in Florida on July 27th, 1981.

From that moment forward, John Walsh had his Purpose…find his son.

  • Do you think he spent much time complaining about how much work it was going to be?
  • The lack of sleep.
  • The inability to focus on anything else.
  • The willingness to go hungry, work through exhaustion and have no concept of quitting.

Not a chance.

His days had a purpose (obviously not by his choosing).

This is a grave example that makes a very powerful point regarding the question…is “hard work” the key to achieving success and happiness, or is it an exhaustible resource?

Hard Work is a limitless resource provided…the outcome must be Worth the Work.

Ok, besides the horrible story, what is the point?   

When your Hard Work is fueled by something that Matters, it is an UNLIMITED RESOURCE.

The challenge the rest of us face who have not had our purpose presented is we associate the key to success and happiness as being done by increasing our income.

We were taught (or convinced ourselves) ‘if we just WORK HARD enough”, we will find happiness, accomplish or be anything.


I did not invent the term mid-life crisis, but that is exactly what happens to many people who have what I call a “nest-egg” mindset (grow income, save for retirement and enjoy life later).

I am not naive, nor am I insinuating paystubs are irrelevant.

We need a basic level of CERTAINTY money gives us to survive or we can’t think about anything else.  Not having enough to pay the bills is depressing and can become debilitating.

As our lives get busier, creating and executing a plan to pursue our passions can be overwhelming.

Quiet Pride was created to simplify the process for any Citizen looking to create better results in a life that is Worth the Work.

Our simple, actionable, and proven Principles (100% free below) will give you the framework to construct YOUR fulfillment path.

Hard Work will never be considered optional, but mustering a relentless work ethic while doing “meaningless” work is no easy feat.

In America, one of the greatest liberties you have is a chance to try, and the chance to try again if it does not work out.

Defining what is worth doing to you is the first step in creating an action-Able plan for a life that is Worth the Work.

  • Can you clearly define what your life would look like if you were able to spend your time doing anything you chose? (Interests and Passions)
  • What are you better than most at doing? (Expertise)

No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Starting today you can begin to create a more Fulfilling life and Quiet Pride’s purpose is to help you do just that.

Hard work fueled by passion and purpose will turn limitations, distractions, and detractors into background noise.

The noise we easily ignore because we are too busy creating our own Fulfilling life.

“Principled Conduct by Individual Citizens is the lasting guarantor of America’s Prosperity” – QP’s Purpose statement

Our Principles are 100% FREE, downloadable, and immediately accessible below.