Why are you getting up every day?

How can so many of us (80% – Deloitte) end up living unfulfilled in the greatest country ever created for doing so?  

1 – We have been following an outdated “Retirement Plan Model” (RPM).  The RPM was needed when we were farmers and factory workers.  We had to prepare for the golden-years when our bodies could no longer do the work.  It focused our lives around growing a nest egg and it was often at the expense of our passions.

2 – Our schools teach us to prioritize research, analysis, and study so that we always get the correct answer.  This amplifies the fear of making decisions (we might be wrong which is like failing, so we are told),  In reality, making decisions is the way we learn, progress and achieve, not fail.

3 – We get stuck in the safety of endless research-loops (feels like we are doing something, and has no consequence so it is comfortable).  We end up “prisoners” stuck to rehashed copy-that-sells, inspirational anecdotes, and motivational videos hoping it will cause something to Happen or the answers to Appear.

We live in the information and technology age with an abundance of opportunity all around us and the RPM’s relevance is debatable.   We are not limited by physical proximity to our work, a physical building, or a piece of land and that changes everything.

Lastly and often overlooked, the RPM is based on a false notion.   Yes, most will live into those “golden years”, but it does not change the fact; not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

What to do?

Quiet Pride was created to provide content-that-works for achieving your results as simple, proven, and actionable PRINCIPLES.  Using PRINCIPLES, it matters little what makes you Fulfilled as the Principles for achieving do not change.

Our 18 Simple, Proven and Actionable PRINCIPLES PDF (free below) was created to give you the framework, confidence, and content to START creating more Fulfillment and a life that’s Worth the Work!


They last.

The search for the newest, fastest, quickest, perfect plan at the perfect time is understandable, it just does not exist.  This exhaustive process is exactly what keeps us “stuck”,

Quiet Pride’s Founding Principle, “ACTIONS – the rest is just noise®, is the MINDSET for progress. Adherence to this PRINCIPLE will get you over, through, or around our biggest fears…the unknown-able.

Why does any of this matter?

America’s citizens are losing ground because politics are corrupt beyond repair, activist agendas have overrun our news cycles, and men have been emasculated to the point they prefer a sweater-vest and allowance to sweat-equity and accomplishment.  Our boys are treated like broken little girls and America’s culture has declined due to a growing segment of “entitled-ingrates” and “vide-its” spending more time in cyber-worlds than the real one.  

In America, a second chance is not only promoted and encouraged, it is the gift that allows all of us to create our own American Dream.

The PDF of our 18 Founding Principles is 100% free, No spam, No strings.

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