ACTIONS – the rest is just noise®.

Have you ever felt “cast” in a role you never auditioned for in life (career)?

The costume (work attire) you wear doesn’t “fit” you.  You make the best of it anyway, grateful to have a “part”.

If so, you are in the majority.  According to studies, close to 80% (Deloitte) of us lack Fulfillment in our daily lives.  This is not to mean we’re ungrateful for what we have, we just do not find the work to be rewarding beyond the paystub.

How did this happen?

Most of us learned the default plan taught to us in school…”The Retirement Plan” model.  Get an education, land a job, start a family, make a bunch of $$, save for retirement, then retire and find a hobby or passion (something you actually enjoy doing).

That is remarkably assumptive considering not one of us is even guaranteed tomorrow, don’t you think?

What is the point?

Following this default plan leads many of us directly to our “Now What?” moment (often times around mid-life;).


We did what we were told and followed The Plan to the letter.  We have lots of stuff to show for it, but it is not providing the Fulfillment and purpose we all yearn for according to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (self-actualization), the highest need we all share.

Can you relate to that?

Even worse, you feel trapped in the life you’ve created.

Do your yesterday, today, and tomorrow look identical?

If yes, the good news is there is no shortage of information to learn how to do almost anything (at our fingertips).  Ironically, that is also the bad news…Huh?


We have Over-Complicated Everything.

The barrage of newest techniques, secrets, shortcuts, fads, and trends have appeal.  Finding the “content-that-works” in an information age full of “copy-that-sells” requires exhaustive effort, and produces discouraging returns.

It often overloads us into a state of inaction, endless searching, and indecisiveness because we may make the “wrong” choice.  I call it the “Research Loop Vortex” and it is powerful.

Solution:  Create a “RESULTS-LOOP Vortex” and that is exactly what we will help you do.

How can Quiet Pride help me?

While we marvel at the success stories and we’re sponges for the motivational and inspirational talks (see the number of views on YouTube under Motivation), it does little to answer “What do I do first, today, right now to improve my future?”

Quiet Pride™ was created to provide the Content that Works in the form of Principles and Concepts anyone can understand and apply immediately.

We are here to help you START the Doing.  We will support your progress along the way in creating Your version of a life that’s worth the work.

“Principled Conduct by Individual Citizens is the lasting guarantor of American Prosperity .” – QP Founder