Our Why

“Principled Conduct by Individual Citizens is the lasting guarantor of American Prosperity” – QP Founder

Our education system teaches us how to create an income and retirement plan.  It does not provide a Fulfillment plan.

The plan we learn, The Retirement Plan Model (RPM), was useful when we were all farmers and factory workers.  It remains the plan we are taught to this day and why so many end up feeling stuck in our day-to-day routines.

We consider Fulfillment after creating a life.   The life we created comes with a set of bills and standards that can impede our “ability” to change course.  This often leads us directly into a “mid-life crisis” moment.

What’s most often missing is an Action plan and that is where Quiet Pride will help.

Why does any of this matter?  

  • As individuals, our best conduct, attitude, and expectations result when pursuing our passions.  We are happier and more enjoyable to be around.
  • Equally important is the fact that prioritizing your fulfillment is NOT a selfish endeavor.  The act of each Citizen pursuing Fulfillment strengthens the backbone of America’s Prosperity.
  • Following Principles will eliminate the need to sift through every fad, scheme, or trending technique out there. The process of “turning over every rock” in order to find a way to make success effortless is what keeps us from starting, doing or Achieving.

Principles are the bedrock in a evolving world of “easiest, newest, and fastest” methods.  Chasing them consumes our time and blocks progress, results, and achievement.

How can Quiet Pride help me?

  1. STARTING – Escape the “research loops” keeping you stuck and start creating results-loops” that perpetuate progress.
  2. SUPPORT – We provide simple, proven Principles and Concepts to build your actionable plan around.
  3. BELONGING – The need to BELONG is hard-wired in each of us.  It manifests as either positive purposed efforts or negative or even destructive associations.

Quiet Pride provides the support we all need when the hard work is exhausting, the solitude deafening, and the arm-chair detractors leading us into self-doubt.

Why isn’t every Citizen pursuing a fulfilling life?  

♦  No one taught us how.

School ingrains in us the concept that you only get one chance to be correct so you better know the answers or you will fail.  It is only later in life that we realize achievement is an on-going “test” and progress comes with an acceptance that sometimes you will be wrong.

♦  We have over-complicated everything (for the sake of commerce).

This makes finding a plan that works challenging with so many to sort through.

♦  No action plan.  We want, wish, study, and research in hopes the path without any obstacles and requires little effort just appears.

♦  Feeling too far along to change course.  Yes, our financial obligations are real and timing matters, but the simple fact is: Doing Nothing, Changes Nothing.

Quiet Pride provides simple, proven Principles to help you START and SUSTAIN your progress to remarkable results in a life that is Worth the Work.

“The perfect plan and perfect time do not exist.  The separation between those that have a “story”, and those that aspire to one, is only bridged by STARTING.” – QP