Peak Performance – Athletes

Are you willing to kick a ball against a wall more than anyone else?

Would you if you knew that success was that simple?

The wall pictured above is the one that I kicked a ball against growing up and doing so had an “unintended” consequence.

In 1993, the Colorado Foxes professional soccer team had an open tryout.  I was living near Denver and heard the ad on the radio.  Being I was still in decent shape, I decided to try.

To my shock and surprise, I showed up with no clue that there would be 85 players, some from other countries also attending.  I am not sure how,  after two full days, I was one of four selected to continue with the team.

That was my “cup-of-coffee” as a professional athlete (it lasted about that long due to injury).  Nonetheless, the experience taught what matters most when the pressure is high and you need to deliver your best performance

My Grandfather’s favorite quote

Quiet Pride is the resource to help athletes with the proven methods for Preparing, Building Skill, and enhancing your Mental-Game Strength so you can perform at the Peak of your potential in any environment.    

Peak performance is a teachable, deliberate process that has been over-complicated.  This has helped perpetuate the myth that success at the highest level is reserved for “prodigies”.

Our methods are grounded in practical neuroscience.  We break this down into three important components of Peak Performance:

  1. How the Brain Learns
  2. How to Practice Properly
  3. How to Maintain Mental Focus during games


The most accomplished athletes among us have mastered the ability to maintain a Positive and “Present” Focus during competitions.  They do this in a number of ways:

  1. How to let mistakes go
  2. How to ignore what others think
  3. How to stay Focused (rooted in an awareness of when you have lost you focus) 
  4. How to remain Confident in what YOU CAN DO.  

Yours truly in first Freestyle Aerials Competition – 1986

Prodigies exist but are the exception.  For most of the Champions we admire, greatness is achieved by following a deliberate process.

  1. Subconscious mastery of the Fundamentals (automaticity)
  2. Edge Practice™ – reach beyond current ability, “fail” and then incrementally engage in attentive self-correction until the skill is mastered.
  3. Able to maintain a positive, present, and balanced FOCUS during competition.

Mental Focus is the “secret” to PEAK PERFORMANCE.  Mastering the fundamentals in advance is required because maintaining proper FOCUS is a full-time occupation during the big game.