Have you ever felt you were “cast” in a role you never auditioned for in life?

The role (your career) feels a little like a “costume” party.  A party where you throw on your costume each day (work attire) primarily to pay others wearing theirs.

Then one day, usually around forty, you realize the costume you’re wearing doesn’t “fit.”

And never did.

Some have tried “solving” this dilemma by getting the sports-car, becoming a strip club VIP, or any number of negative affiliations/addictions.

Using history as a guide, this rarely solves the problem and often creates a new set of even bigger problems.

Quiet Pride was created as the better alternative.

Quiet Pride is a resource of Principles, simple, proven, and action-able, for creating a life that’s Worth the Work.   A life around your interests, passions, and expertise.

Why isn’t every Citizen pursuing a fulfilling life?  

  • No one taught us how.  School ingrains in us the mentality that you get one chance to be correct or you fail.

We are taught how to create an income and retirement plan (the Retirement Plan Model – RPM), not a Fulfillment Plan.

The RPM was useful when we were all farmers and factory workers.  That is when we all relied on our physicality to meet our financial needs and often the body wore out before we did.

It is still taught and why so many feel stuck in a day-to-day rut/routine and see no way out of.  The worst part is feeling trapped in the life you’ve created!

  • No action plan.

We want, wish, study, and research in hopes we find the path without obstacles, or requires little effort is out there.

Life teaches us that progress to achievement is an extended “test.”  We learn progress is a process that requires us to accept we will make mistakes.

  • Feeling too far along to change course.  Yes, our financial obligations are real and timing matters, but the simple fact is:

Quiet Pride provides simple, proven, Action-able Principles to help you START creating a life that is Worth the Work.

How can Quiet Pride help me?

While there is no shortage of great information at our fingertips for learning how to do anything on your own.  Ironically, that is also the bad news.


We have over-complicated everything.

The constant flow of newest techniques, secrets, shortcuts, fads, and trends have appeal.  Finding the “content-that-works” in an information age of “copy-that-sells” is an exhaustive process that produces discouraging returns.

We’d rather sit back and marvel at the success stories.  Becoming sponges for motivational and inspirational content (check the number of views on YouTube under “Motivation”, or Pinterest “Inspirational Quotes”).

None of that does much to help answer…

Where do I start?  What actions can I take Today?

Quiet Pride is a dedicated resource of proven Principles, simple and actionable, to help you start driving your life toward your version of Fulfillment.

When you are ready to engage and commit to the rigorous application of these Principles and Concepts, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CREATE A LIFE THAT IS WORTH THE WORK.

Not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow, so Let’s Go!

ACTIONS – the rest is just noise™